Nous ouvrons des portes!

Nous voulions vous donner cette nouvelle pendant deux mois et demi. Lundi prochain, nous rouvrirons les portes de la cave. Nous les avons enfermés pendant

A tribute to the wine stores

Once again, we want to acknowledge the task of all those Maresme stores that have continued to support organic and local wines during the hardest

A tribute to Alella’s stores

    Let us salute three stores from Alella that have always been by our side, and these days have helped us more than ever.

Plaer Escumós and Pur Dolç

    One more week, we remain by your side. Looking forward to see you again and toast together, and encouraging you to keep enjoying

Our rosé wines

We continue by your side, waiting for the moment to toast together, and praising our local products, our organic farming and all the essence of

Our red wines

The song goes that bad times are forgotten, and that we only remember the good ones. It is during the hard times when we need

Our white wines

It is time of taking care of ourselves, and also of doing all those things to which we often cannot dedicate as much time as

Nous sommes toujours à vos côtés

  Bien que le temps semble s’être arrêté, la nature suit son cours. Et nous continuons à travailler au rythme du vignoble, en prenant soin